Mother's Day Conversation

My mom and baby me - 1988

Starting out, "mom" meant something constant. The person I never second guessed would be there. Holidays, bug collections, pottery classes, home school, gardening, spider observing, morning scripture studying, summer vacations; She was there. I was too busy growing up to imagine it could be different - my life was the adventure and she was "home." 

I grew up and through every school dance, every early morning cheer practice, every sick day, every school project left to the last minute - she was there. I never thought to question why until my Hadley was placed in my arms for the first time. I felt the weight of that sacred and immense responsibility wrapped up in 6 lbs and 14 ounces. It doesn't happen this way with everyone, but in giving birth, a new part of me was born. It took giving birth to that wild spirit to redefine "mother" in every way possible. And the sweet boy that followed 3 years later is still teaching me more. More about love and kindness and healing. This role isn't just about being pregnant and chasing toddlers. It's about teaching, nurturing and loving. "Mother" is eternal. Something I've always been, and something I will continue to explore and become. 

To my own mom, the mom who raised Jake, and to every woman who has "mothered" me on my way to getting to this exact spot - today I feel so connected to you in such a sacred way. I can't thank you enough. 



Madi said...

I love everything about this post. Mom is the best human.

Madi said...

Also "my life was the adventure and she was "home"

Best line. Beautifully written

Brissa said...

This is beautiful. Dang. You Waters' girls are gonna make me cry.

Jessie said...

Beautifully written. Someday, someday we will meet and have long meaningful and funny conversations.