And I will always love you

I never knew how hard life would be without you.

When I left I told myself it was for the best; I was better off without you and it would make me stronger. Less needy. More independent.

Those first few months I thought of you everyday and I could feel the hole that you once filled. Morning noon and night, I was on my own. I wanted you back. I begged for you back.

But the months passed, the years went by and I slowly forgot about you. You showed up in my mind only on stressful days or during the months of sickness while growing babies. I never really lost hope, but I guess you could say I got over you - I moved on. It still stung to see you making everyone else happy but me, but I ignored the jealousy and prayed you would be back one day.

4 years and 9 months apart. But you're back. YOU ARE BACK. And I vow on all that is good in the world to do everything I can to never be apart from you again.

You, dear dishwasher, have changed me forever.


Carlie said...

Ha ha! I was so confused when I first read that. I'm glad you got your dishwasher back!

Jessie said...

Hahaha! Best post ever. I know exactly how you feel, except I went just half that time without a dish washer and only had one kid. Dishwashers are freaking awesome!!!! Enjoy.

Mariah Magagnotti said...

My dishwasher completes. me.

Tiff Berthold said...

Good grief!! My mind made up about 20 scenarios for that... I'm so glad you meant the dishwasher. Haha! Awesome post. Totally fooled me.

Katy said...

HAHA!!! The house we are looking at in Hawaii doesn't have a dishwasher, and I have already planned on putting one in day 1!! It's the simple things

Brissa said...

i am nothing without my dishwasher. thanks for reminding me i need to go run a cycle.
diggin the shirt. like, a loooot.