Baby talk

Hold on, I need to spam my blog with baby pictures real fast.

Let's talk about my baby for a minute, yah? This kid man, I really love him. I want to stare at his face all day and purposely make eye contact every other second just so I can see that smile over and over again. To Carsen, eye contact means you smile. Every time and always. His grin is the type that fills his whole body and can't help but spill over into yours. He is joy. I love the way he latches on to nurse and immediately reaches up to find my finger. He would hold hands the whole time if I let him. I will never get over the way he looks at me, even when I'm not paying attention, and you can just see the love there. I know he's a baby, but I know that he gets it. I can't help but send a thousand silent prayers that his little spirit was the one to join our family when he did. I never knew how much I wanted a little boy until he was here. And I don't think Hadley knew how much she loved being a sister until he made her one.

Carsen Max, you are the greatest. This Mom and your Dad love all 16 pounds of you a whole whole lot.


Rebecca A said...

Ah! He is adorable - what a precious smile!

smwaters said...

Get that bow off of that boy's head.

Brittany Bauer said...

I. AM. IN. LOVE! This baby makes me smile. We need to see him more so I can love on him :)

Brissa said...

I love his, "no mom! I'm naked!!!" picture. He's so sweet. I need to come down. For real this time. I don't even care if Jude's being a total diva.