Blessing Day

I am overwhelmed lately with gratitude for all that is family. Not only for what they mean to me in my life, but for the strength I see as a result in those who surround me. 

Family is strength
Family is growth
Family is peace 
Family is joy
Family is safe
Family is home

We blessed Carsen and gage over conference weekend back in April. It was at my Parent's house after conference had ended. Only our 2 families were there, and the simplicity of that made it so sweet. Those two little boys are loved beyond words by so many people who would do anything for them. Isn't that what it's all about? Family, love, service?

I just can't shake the strong feeling I've had lately of the importance of our relationships. We are here to love and to serve those around us, to really connect and share our deepest selves, and some of the most important love and service we will give will be to those we call family. Ram daas said "we are all just walking each other home," and I'm so grateful for the ones I am walking next to.

Every part of me is grateful for what Carsen has brought into my life. His face and that smile. The healing power his little spirit provides. The ever-growing rolls on his legs. 

Blessed is family. Blessed are we to have this sweet boy in our lives.

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Tiff Berthold said...

What a handsome little guy! And that bow tie! It's killing me! I've missed seeing posts from you! I know that you're, like, a mom and super busy, but I love seeing updates :) You all look so happy! <3