This is my family

It was about time we had an updated family photo to hang in my parents house. Something to finally replace this one:

please and thank you.

Shelby did an incredible job with the chaos we presented her with. She is so sweet and so talented and I was grateful for a chance to catch up with her. Can I spam you with a bunch of pictures that she took? Here's my family:

Warm feelings to all of that.


Jessie said...

How fun! I love Shelby's blog and would love the chance to meet her. Your family looks like a blast! Lots of pretty girls and big smiles. And your little family of four is definitely adorable.

Brissa said...

but madi was so thoughtful in that first picture! whenever i look at my old family pictures i think, "why? why haven't we replaced this yet? why did no one tell me my teeth were so bad?"

i love these new ones. they're the perfect setting and pictures. you guys are all so great.

Kayla said...

what a great family. your dad is literally the cutest old man with his beard + glasses. and carsen is so perfectly squishy. and give me your hair, dani. you are SO BOO-TIFUL.