Summer, all at once.

Oh hey there.

(Blows dust off blog and awkwardly sits down...)

Blogging with 2 kids is kinda hard. Also, Summer's over, did you know? I think that just really hit me, and I have nothing to show for it except for a whole lotta iPhone photos. Basing things off of how white and covered-in-hair my legs are you would think we were still in the dead of winter. Not even close! I'm just going to keep on walking, unashamed, and post the pictures (not the ones of my hairy legs).

Brace yourself - Here's what our Summer looked like all rolled up into one post:

The end. 


Jessie said...

Whatever. You are so super cute! It looks like you had a blast this summer. Especially those buneeeeies. :) And that hand across your face. haha Looks like good times.

Carlie said...

Your kids are so cute. I still think it's crazy that you know Cory (husband of Brissa). He was in our study group way back in the day when Seth and I first met!