9 Months

9 months is a decent amount of time to get to know someone, I think. I know I've only seen a glimpse, but each day I become more and more sure of who you are. The little things that make up Carsen Max are my favorite.

Your intensity and forcefulness that you simple things like crawling and grabbing. Also that annoyingly cute obsession you have with digital numbers on a stove or microwave.

The way you scratch everything repeatedly without thinking for comfort. 

How we will be driving and the second I hear that grunting "ahhhh" sound start, I know I've lost the fight to keep you awake until we get home. It's a fact you will be asleep within the minute.

The way you love me and always make sure to "check in" every time you crawl away.

The "momma's boy" status that you take to a whole new level. You loooove your momma, and the feeling is mutual. And really, even though it'd be nice to have 5 minutes without you in my arms once in a while, I know you'll be out of them long before I'm ready. So stay close as long as you need to little man. These arms are yours as long as your want them. Just maybe go to Dad once in a whole too, yah?

How I know I just have to make eye contact with you to receive one of those "full body - squished up face" kind of grins.

The way your face squishes up in happiness when Dad comes home.

The joy in your whole body when your sister enters your radar and doesn't end up hurting you on purpose.

How it feels to cuddle your body on the rare occasions you allow it. Especially the head-on-my-shoulder ones with your arms wrapped around me. Those are my favorite

Your rolls. Those wonderful, ever growing, squishy rolls.

Seeing you understand and immediately become dramatic when I sign "milk."

The fact that you are, just a little bit, really dramatic. Yet at the same time, so incredibly sweet.

Your rare talkative moments. Your sweet little voice and your cute little "da da da" whispers.

The gap in between your top teeth.

The way you've melted into our family with such ease as if you had always been here. But I guess in a way you always were.
Oh my sweet little boy, I can't imagine life without you here. I have loved getting to know you so very much.

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Madi said...

I cant. This little boy is everything.
I love my squish.