Hadi says

This one's been a long time coming. Turns out I'm quite terrible at posting regularly, which means whenever I get around to it, it's long over due. And we end up with a ridiculously long list of words hadi has said. Enjoy!

"Mom I don't want to go to dance today. I just want to stay home and eat food"

Me: Sweetie if you keep your pull up on you won't get pee on your blanket
Hadi: No! If I take my pull up off I get pee on my blanket. That's the reason that's my question too!

"No Dad, you can't. you don't have any girl hair"

Me: What do you want for breakfast?
Hadi: Honey funches of oats and shedded week"

Me: Go grab that cape.
Hadi: It's not a cape. It's a superhero...
Me: ...Cape
Hadi: No. It's a superhero 'not cape'.

"I love frozen. Frozen is my best."

Me: But Hadi, I wanted to give you a hug.
Hadi: No, no one is hugging and no one is kissing"

"Ohh, so mom, like, the other Danica wants to hang with me?"

Hadi: What are you doing mom?
Me: Just going to the bathroom. You can come in but you need to shut the door.
Hadi: No thanks, I don't want to see your bum.

Me: ...we love you Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Hadi: hey! That's like Jesus loves us! We can go to him and he will hold me!
Me: yep that's right 
Hadi: so.... When can we go to Disneyland?

Jake: hey hadi you wanna scratch my back?
Hadi: nooppe.

"Look mom the moon got little! ... I wanna hold the moon mom."

"But I can't go to sleep because I need to say goodnight to the couch"

Me: Hadi if you are going to spit milk on the floor you don't get to have your drink
Hadi: I didn't spit. My mouth just, like, opened and the milk just, like, came out. It camed out itself. 

To the cut on her knee: "it's okay ouchie, don't cry" 

To the clouds pink from the sunset: "hey mom? Can we fly up there later on on a balloon and touch the pink? And will you and dad and brother come fly to the sky with me?"

Me: Come inside please hadi.
Hadi: I can't. I just need to be outside for 7 minutes.

"Hey, let's go check on the popsicles in the freezerater." 


"If we don't know it, we just dance to it"

"Can I turn the dark off?" (She wanted to turn the light on)

"Mom, what are you trying to prove?"

"Do you know why I colored all over my room? I wanted my world to be like Elmo's world"

While at a friends reception hadi busied herself by finding as many friends to hold hands with her as possible. She excitedly brought one of them over to me exclaiming she had found a friend.
Me: hi what's your name?
E: Emily
Hadi: !! My name is Emily too! My dolls call me Emily - Emily Princess. 

I'm listening to an audiobook while I clean and hadi came in and said "hey mom, this isn't Harry potter. I want you to put on Harry potter."

"My bum is sweaty" 

(in her prayer) "Thank you for Jesus to not die again for Mary, thank you for when mom says we can go to Disneyland, thank you for brother cannot eat butterflies...." 

"Dear heavenly father, thank you for today. We are going to bed now, we will see you in the morning. Thank you for brother to not cry, in the name of Jesus cries amen."

Me: That's fine hadi, you can wear that
Hadi: No I can't. Wanna know why?
Me: Why
Hadi: Cuz I'm all about da bass, bout da bass, no trouble. That's why.

"Mom, I love to trick and be naked!"

"You know what mom, if your sad and your tear-ings (tears) come down you just wipe em like this"

I got breakfast made for us and then came and sat down at the table with hadi. As I say down she said:
Hadi: "so mom, how does it feel to sit down"
Me: "Good!"
Hadi: "Yah? Good. How does it feel to be 26?"

"Dad, see (holding up her shirt) I have little boobies, and brother has little boobies, and mom has the BIGGEST boobies"

"See how I filled the bottle up mom? I filled it up just half-ley."

Hadi sounds congested
Me: are you sick sweetie?
Hadi: No, I'm just pumping my boogers back in. Did you know boogers grow in your tummy? So I'm just pumping them back in. I'm not sick.

Hadi: How do I look?
Me: Good!
Hadi: You mean beautiful and great? Because I don't just look great. I look beautiful AND great, k? And sparklefull.

"I don't have an opinion anymore. It went away."


Brissa Christensen said...

Hahahahahahahahahahahhhahhahhaha each one I read became my new favorite. I love that kid.

Kati said...

This is just too great.

Katy said...

Wow, that kid of yours is some super kind of awesome! I wonder what kind of stuff Carsen will say?!

Jessie said...

She is HILARIOUS!!! I especially love the when can we go to Disneyland one. Hahaha. Sounds like I need to start writing down the things my boys say too.

Madi said...

hahahaha this is the best way to start my day. i love that crazy girl.

Danica Holdaway said...

Love that I got a shout out. And obvs I'm proud of e Harry Potter. But the best was the "sparkle full" - I read it out loud to Ryan and he was DYING hahaha she's the coolest

Anonymous said...

"I'm sick of pooping!"

I think I totally get this girl. ;)

This was the best post to start of Thanksgiving! Today I am grateful for... Hadley and her hilarious mouth.