Hey there, November

Her oversized shirt and thermals with yesterday's braid more out than in. His runny nose and curious smile. That smell - How is the smell of a leaf pile the exact same, no matter where you are? It smells exactly like childhood. It's chilly and windy and everything that fall should be.
We had about 20 minutes of perfection. We "cooked" piles of leaves in the oven (the sidewalk), made holes for mice to live in (?), and "run run run LEAPed" into the piles all around our little section of grass. You know how you watch a movie or see and picture and hope that's what your life will be like? We had 20 minutes of just that. At about minute 21, Hadley told me to stop looking at her leaf pile, pushed Carsen over on purpose, and jake reminded me that Carsen's red nose probably meant he was freezing. 

So we had a little perfection mixed together with real life. Not bad for our first day of November.


Danica Holdaway said...

You make me so excited to be a mom and that's a near impossible task. I hope I'm as good and real as you!

Lizzie - The Dancing Toad Blog said...

His double chin! So adorable. What cuties you have.