Silent Night

A sacred and holy night unlike any other the world has ever seen. Neither the circumstances nor the majesty would ever be repeated. A mortal woman giving life to the literal savior of the world -- The same spirit who had only moments before left his Heavenly Parents side. Would this night be written in the eternities?

Next to God, His Heavenly Father and Mother, I knew I had no claim to him. Yet every inch of my body and corner of my heart knew he was mine. My son, my sweet boy. I knew of His undeniable future and what his calling on earth must mean. A title like Savior is not given lightly. But on that holy night, I could not speak of that. I was silent as I held my baby and wiped my tears that had blessed His head.

A seemingly unimportant, unmarried woman, carrying the Son of God in her imperfect body - I had resigned to believing it was possible, that I would somehow be the vessel for this holy baby to come to this Earth. But as I brought him into this world, surrounded by heavenly beings, seen and unseen, my first instinct was not to bow in reverence, but rather an overwhelming love and respect of a mother for her child. The stable animals stared reverently while Joseph wept by my side, and all I knew was that I was overflowing with responsibility and love so big it could burst through the walls of that stable. I knew I would do anything humanly or heavenly possible for the son I held in my arms. This was a birth unlike any other, yet to me it was the same as every other. I felt the presence of every woman who had gone before me, or would come ahead of me, aiding me as I brought him from my womb into my arms. And at the moment of labor when I knew I would surely die, they carried me to the end the same way others did for them. Holding his sleeping body against my own infused me with a love I was never prepared for.

This infant is the Savior of us all, but for tonight he is my newborn son. What a sacred, silent, and holy night.

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