I should probably mention that Carsen is walking now. Yes, WALKING. To you, reading this, you will probably think "neat, lady, that's what babies do." But no, not 9 MONTH OLD BABIES WHO ARE SUPPOSED TO STAY LITTLE. 

I know he is still a baby, but I know all too well where this is headed. He's moving faster into toddlerhood than I am comfortable with, and I can do nothing but smile and kiss his chubby cheeks as many times as he will allow. 

He still nurses to sleep - and as the swallowing slows to just soft steady breathing, and I stand up to carry him to his makeshift room in our closet, I can't help but notice how long his body feels against mine. I pretend to ignore how small of a space he used to take up, and how his arms and legs now spill out over mine, just like Hadley's did. He's growing up. And I just don't think I am quite ready for it.

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Jessie said...

Oh, I remember nursing Levi and noticing how his legs just kept getting longer and started wrapping around my body. So bittersweet, this growing up stuff. I understand! But I promise, new toddler Carsen will bring you loads more laughs. :)