Let me show you December

December was so great. It made me so anxious for next year when Carsen can enjoy it that much more. That tiny newborn baby stage is so great, but there is also something magical about your kids being old enough to enjoy things around them. 

This year Hadi was a little stressed that since we don't have a chimney, Santa would not be able to find a way into our house. And since Jake and I are pretty awesome, we made one. Also we had no room for a tree, so we made a felt tree. Basically we had a super "we are poor and white trash" christmas, but to Hadley we are now the coolest parents. Well, we were the coolest parents. Her opinion of us has definitely shifted now that we are more than a month out. You win some, you lose some. 

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Brissa Christensen said...

That tree is beyond words amazing. You're like the Beyonce of felt. And, Dani, that picture of Hadi with the glasses? Looks just like you!!!!!