Only Nineteen Days Late

What a wild New Years Eve!

Appetizers, pizza, dancing, singing, wii playing, countdown, sparklers, fireworks, "HAPPY NEW YEAR!" New Years kiss, and back home. 

We read stories, said prayers, laid both kids down, and then at 9:54 pm I curled up bed and fell fast asleep.   
So we lied to the kids. Big deal. I got into bed before 10 and that is celebration enough. Happy new year to us all!

2014 - you were hard and emotional trying and successful and beautiful all rolled into one. You showed me at my worst, but gave me my best. While I'm not anxious to ever repeat this year, I will give you credit for changing me for the better. Thanks for that. 

Now, 2015, let's do this. Be kind, will ya?

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