There is something I find so remarkable about these mundane, everyday lives we share with those we love. The predictable little moments that are so much a part of our day that they are almost always overlooked.

My bedtime view of Jakes work clothes hanging in the hallway ready for the next morning,
The crunch of Carsen's leftover snacks strewn all across the kitchen floor,
Yet another unexciting dinner cooked (complained over) and eaten together,
Sitting exasperated wanting Hadley to put something - anything - on so that we can leave for preschool,
Our dresser that is never not covered in things that don't belong there,
The tv sound that never works because Carsen won't stop pushing the buttons,
Groggy early morning meditations,
Saying "bye!" And "have a good day" each morning before Jake leaves to work,
Hadley's bedtime routine of 2 bedtime stories - a super hero vitamin and an animal vitamin - scripture scouts - lay down for 1 minute - goodnight kiss and "leave the door open a little bit,"
Saying goodnight and falling asleep always facing in opposite directions.

Looking at the whole puzzle, you never notice the insignificant little piece splattered with dull colors and seemingly identical to the one next to it. The big and flashy ones ones like "anniversaries" and "learning to read's" and "he walked for the first time!'s" are what always draw your attention. Yet if that piece were to go missing, the puzzle could never be whole. My life is made to be beautiful because of those small insignificant pieces. To carry someone's heart around with you through such every day habits is an honor that I have overlooked. I'm starting to think those small pieces matter much more than I ever bothered to care.


Brissa Christensen said...

This is so beautiful! I always say it's the little things in life that make it so wonderful, but I think I tend to forget that more than I say it. This is such a beautiful reminder. It really is the mundane little pieces that make sharing a life together work.

Jessie said...

Oh, yes! You are so observant to put this into words. It IS totally the little things--the ones everyday--that make up a life. Sounds like you have an imperfectly perfect one!