To you.

For all the dinners not eaten until they were cold,

For all the meals you shared all of your bites, 

For all the bathroom visits spent with tiny hands clawing their way under the door,

For all those consecutive sleepless nights spent praying they would sleep before they turned 18,

For all the tears and screams heard over sandwiches cut the wrong direction,

For all the times you knowingly left the house with dried vomit and food on your clothes,

For every day that your "taking care of kids" shift ended only for the "clean up and night waking" shift to start,

For every time you actually got through to, and understood, your "Threenager,"

For every sweet "I love you mom" you heard, even if it was an attempt to postpone bedtime,

For all of the goldfish and raisins you ate off off the floor in place of breakfast,

For the many hours you labored to bring a child from his first home into yours,

For every sacred nighttime nursing spent praying over your newborn baby,

For all the days and nights spent crying over the ache to hold a child in your arms,

For the many hours sat through in fear that you won't know how to raise them right, 

And for the fear you aren't living up to this daunting task of nurturing, teaching, and loving a child,

For all the quiet moments of meditation you asked to know what it really, really, means to be a mother,

For all the tears of gratitude you couldn't stop because you finally got it,

Here's to you, moms. This title of Mother we hold started far before the birth of a child, and it stands long after this life. Embrace it no matter what stage of life you are in, because it's yours. I see you, and I am so grateful to stand side by side with so many of you powerful women. This life of mine is so blessed and so rich. 


Jessie said...

You are such a writer. Happy Mother's Day to you too!

Brissa Christensen said...

Crying. Dani!!! This is so beautiful. Happy mother's day. Happy women's day.

-Danica- said...
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