Axtell, UT

To celebrate the end of school and the beginning of summer, we took a quick overnight trip to Grandma Rugg's with Kira and Brett and the kids. We ended our last day of preschool with a bang, and then packed up and set out on the 1 hour and 45 min drive to Axtell. 
(side note- Hadley's weird eye thing going on. 2 weeks after this, and 5 days of anti-biotic eye drops later I am still not quite sure whats going on or if it's better or not... insert annoyed face.)
I think the best part was getting the chance to let the kids run around wherever, whenever. Being in such a small town with so much land, the babes got to chase "hot guts" (pot guts), play in the hose, dump dirt on their heads, and play to their hearts content. It was childhood magic in the making. And I know Jakes Grandma was so thrilled to see everyone. Hadley and Carsen are lucky to have the great grandparents that they do. 

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