Hadi Says

"HAHAHAHAH mom what if my name was made out of POOP??"

"Sometimes my breathe gets lost so then I have to breathe in back in." 

"Let's play Harry potter. What is the name for the dark? I only know "lumos" for the light."

"I lumos-ed the whole house!"

"You know what mom? Barbie and the secret door is in real life. It IS REAL LIFE. It's at Disneyland."

H:"Is the place we are going far away?"
D:"Kind of, a little bit"
H:"So it's a little bit far but LOTS of close"

"Your bed is the hospital mom, so come watch my baby hatch"

D:"How are the Cheerios?"
H:"Freaking good."

from the back seat: "that was a freaking good chocolate."

I need someone to snuggle me. And then I need someone to feed me and snuggle me"

Hadley lives in her own imaginative world, and so she regularly makes up songs on the spot and sings them as she goes about her day/sits in time out. Usually I can't find my phone fast enough to write down the lyrics, but this is a snippet of one:
"Oh baby come out the door ol won't you think of me? Will you think of me tomorrow or today or will you think of me? And I'm like draw letters all of the day. Oh watch me all of the day but when you slickaway, did you know a bickaway? And I'm like cd come this way" 

"I was running super duper fast. That's why my energy is broke." 

"Guess why I'm putting stuff in my hat? Goofy puts stuff in his hat when he's in trouble and needs to have a party and stuff." 

"My mouth really wants chocolate chips and my stomach really wants m&m's"

"Mom look at those clouds! It's a upside down head! And look! It's a person wearing a tutu! And it's head is coming back, see that? Oh.. never mind. It's melting." 

"Guess how much I love you, mom? 66. No... 88." 

"Mom please don't do the things that I do when I am being mean. It's not nice for parents to do the mean things that kids do"

D: "You should eat more chickies (chicken)! You just ate one little piece and now all your other chickies are like "haaaaadiii, we want to go to the party in your tummy too!"
H: "No mom, my tummy is happy and full. There are enough persons in it. And they are like standing on each other and they are like all the way up to here (points to her throat). So if I eat another piece it will be up to there and make me cough. So, I'm not going to eat more."

"Guess how much I love you mom? One hundred eight ten BILLIUM"

"Mom one day could I hold your hand and we could fly up to the moon?"

Here's another snippet of a made up song:
"What should I do? What should I find? If you find it I will give it back to you. I search every time. I'll make it up to you. I shoouuulllld have listened to my familllyyyyy. What have I done I should have listened to my famillllyyyy. I didn't know I said a line. So every time I said it now, I should have listened to my family. Every time I'll give it back. I will say something what makes it up to you." 

"I'm chewing French fries so I can't talk to you."

D: "Hadi you have to try one bite of the soup"
H: "Fine. (takes a bite and gives a thumbs down) Ew it's bad. It tastes like ants. Ants eating blueberries and eggs. And a sea shell." 

"Want to know what I'm wishing for? For Cinderella to come, do you think it will happen? Ohhhhh maybe I need to wish it 5 times cuz I'm five. Hold on, don't talk to me, I'm making my wish."

"Sometimes when I am sad or mad, I put two skirts on and breathe"

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Brissa Christensen said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH I'm going to have to try that two skirt method.