Mostly a fashion update

I miss this little space of mine. Ive been okay with stepping back and focusing elsewhere, because it was very needed, but I hope that doesn't mean letting go of blogging entirely. I miss documenting my life this way. I'm currently trying to get our blog books organized (2013-2015, lol) and it's making me crave more of this in my life.

Since I have no clear place to start, here are the current and past trends, patterns, styles, and colors of Hadley's wardrobe - all in one place, and in terrible quality, for your viewing pleasure. You're welcome.

^^ Thats *six* pairs of underwear she is wearing


Danica Holdaway said...

she is going to have THE BEST wedding slideshow one day

Tiff Berthold said...

The full frontal made me laugh right out loud! She is one classy gal! 😂❤